The laboratory

From antiquity, the mosaic was born to create solemn, imperial, divine coatings in architecture. It has never been conceived as a trivial surface coating but as art, a light membrane that makes everything that passes through immortal.

The highest mosaic expressions relate to Ravenna of the Byzantine period, particularly to the basilica of San Vitale.

"In Ravenna, capital of the Western Roman Empire, a particular light shines.
It is not only in the energy that is eternally passed down by the beautiful Byzantine churches, nor in the contamination of different cultures
and flavors, it is something deeper: Ravenna is the perfect synthesis of the East in the West, and all who are there are enlightened."


The mosaic masters of CLASSE Mosaici, all educated at the Institute of Mosaic of Ravenna, create mosaics with instruments and know-how from a millenary legacy of knowledge. Hammer, chisel, tongs, absolute mastery of technique, fantasy and ancient wisdom make a CLASSE Mosaici unique items.

In CLASSE Mosaici you can breathe the atmosphere of the artisan workshop, the laboratory where only the final result of the work counts and its absolute value, to reach without any compromise.

For this reason, CLASSE Mosaici could only be born in Ravenna, with its strenght from the formation of the Ravenna mosaic school.