A mosaic with glass tiles always arouses great charm, thanks to the brilliance of the chromatic nuances and the particular light suggestions. Glasses and enamels are mostly indicated for wall mosaics. Only sheet metal tiles can be used in flooring as they are more resistant to other glassy tiles, which can be used in flooring as well.

Glass matrix tiles are distinguished in different types:

  • Homogeneous glass tiles, black, blue, purple, brown and green, which prevent transparency.
  • Vitreous pasta: semi-transparent or opaque, characterized by a non-homogeneous coloration that gives rise to nuances of great effect. There are dispersed crystalline or gaseous phases to reduce its transparency and change its color shade. 
  • Matt tiles: The abundance of crystalline phases in vitreous paste makes the glass completely opaque.
  • Enamels: Transparent, opaque, polished or sandblasted, have a full and homogenous coloration. Enamels are also called lead glasses for the lead oxide contained in the tiles, which makes them brighter and brighter. 
  • Sheet metal tiles: they are so-called "gold" because they contain a thin metal foil that is securely fastened between two layers of glass (support and cardboard). They are the most valuable mosaic tiles. 
  • Pear yarn spun: also called "mosaic yarn", since they are obtained by spinning molten glass. 


A precious glass interpretation: the historic Venetian Murrine, unique artworks of their kind. CLASSE Mosaici cleverly mixes Murrina glass tiles to create stunning decorations.

The refined style of mosaic glass with Murrina glass meets contemporary taste for ambiences that buy a great charm...

Simply irresistible!


Marble mosaics follow an elegant and sophisticated line and are suitable especially for the most classic contexts.

The mosaic continues to be today a high level wall and floor covering that enters private or public living spaces.

Think of a mosaic rug that, unlike the fabric rug, guarantees greater wear resistance. Not only...

Mosaics like carpets make unique and immutable decorations and ornaments over time.

All mosaics are made with marble worked in Italy.

The marbles shown are some color suggestions that help to insert carpets in harmony with environments.

On request other marbles and other formats are available.