"Only if we see the universe as a whole in which each part reflects the totality and the great Beauty lies in its diversity, we will begin to understand who we are and where we are"
 (Tiziano Terzani)

The collection Bellezza is a tribute to art, women, and elegance.
This collection is inspired by twentieth century art of the great masters of modernist painting.
It consists of decorative flooring, pictures and panels in exquisite and refined Liberty style, which recreate a refined atmosphere where detail and the use of exclusively Italian materials are of great importance.
Art Nouveau, Liberty, Floréal or Jugendstil was in fact an artistic movement which aimed to recover the expressive refinement which industrial society had suffocated.
The movement spread far and wide because rather than reject technical innovation and contemporary languages it made them its own and thus satisfied the needs of contemporary society. It did this in the most genuine possible way, courageously choosing the focus on quality and elegance, as we do today.
This new and exclusive collection of CLASSE Mosaici shows that making mosaics is not a reproducible art carried out coldly and mechanically. Instead, in accordance with the ideals of Art Noveau, every one of our stone coverings, glass panels and mosaics is unique. Each of our mosaics is a work of art, created with attention to every detail.

The Bellezza collection proposes using mosaics as part of a building's interior design and architecture.
Surfaces consisting of coloured glass and rich glimmering gold stand alongside floors which are covered with natural stones, gold and murrine glass from Murano.
This collection is inspired by the great masters of modernism. It recreates the magic and sublime atmosphere of Art Nouveau.
The beauty of natural stones.
The beauty of murrine glass.
Beauty like the beauty of a women, beauty like the beauty of art.
Beauty like the beauty of CLASSE Mosaici.

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