Chinese print mosaic

The "Chinese Print" artistic mosaic was born from the client's need to increase the elegance and charm of a modern home with a peculiarity: the decoration with antique furniture in walnut.

To meet this demand, CLASSE Mosaici pointed to an oriental style mosaic. To do this, our artists used opaque, light tiles, so they could find a perfect harmony with antique walnut furniture.

CLASSE Mosaici has found the right inspiration from the sensations of purity and serenity that evokes a relaxing landscape.
Every element of the composition, birds, cherry blossoms, and flowing river is a symbol of rebirth, disruptive power and the vitality of nature, the continuous flow of becoming, the beauty of everything that surrounds us.

The result was amazing: an handmade mosaic of 200 cm x 120 cm that exalts all the charm and tranquility of Oriental culture.

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