With 20 years of experience in the field, CLASSE Mosaici was born to give shine to the Byzantine and Ravenna's tradition of mosaic glass, marble and gold mosaic.

The materials are all strictly Made in Italy. Our mosaic masters are trained in Ravenna and are proudly the best.
In a constant and accelerated world of changes, the appeal of ever-stronger classical beauty is getting stronger.

Our collections are strictly designed to give continuity to classic materials and lines and adapt them to our time. We are not illusing to change the world but to spread a perception of profound beauty with our artifacts that is rare to find.

CLASSE Mosaici makes custom made mosaics of all types and sizes. Our intent is to blend the artisan shop's wisdom with contemporary design at customer service so as to re-design the mosaic and revisit it as an innovative key.

Our artists and artisans recreate with the marble and glass tiles the same movements and irregularities that make the mosaics of unique and original pieces hand made in Italy.

Our goal is to propose non-industrial mosaics and decorations, but handmade by skilled mosaicists who interpret and create unique tailor-made work to satisfy private and public affairs.