Ex oriente lux

EX ORIENTE LUX is a collection that evokes fabrics, scents and colors that from ancient times have crossed cities and countries on a journey from East to West that carries precious materials, innovative fabrics, and beauty-seeking.

EX ORIENTE LUX is a new beginning, a new goal to be discovered, which originates in the light and that in the mosaic becomes matter, caresses the surfaces, dematerialises the walls, creates dimensions that have never been seen before.

Prestigious Murano glass and Murrine are entirely hand-cut by our mosaicists. Design inspired by the Byzantine tradition and the light that comes from the Orient.
A touch of history for a contemporary combination of colors and glasses that bring to the precious fabrics of Byzantine fabrics.

These decorative elements are of particular value that can be used by themselves or combined with always glass-mirrored or other types of glasses. The result is the enhancement of the environment in which they are laid. An environment that lives with its own light.

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