The kitchen is art, art is inspiration, The mosaic inspires the chef and puts the guests in a good mood. It is the right touch of furniture for this environment that has always been the heart of the house.

CLASSE Mosaici proposes mosaics and decorations made by artists and craftsmen which is one of the home's environments that best suits mosaics. In fact a wide range of possibilities, colors and combinations (monotonous, combining different colors) on one or more walls, allows a perfect match with furniture and floors.

The kitchen lining is very important because it is used to protect the walls from stains of any kind. The walls behind the sink and the fire must be protected and, in order to do so, surfaces are needed, which even in the case of dirt can easily be cleaned using products and without damages.

The solution combining unique designs and proper protection is a mosaic.

CLASSE Mosaici makes custom made mosaics of all types and sizes.

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